10 Wedding Day Myths


There are a lot of traditions out there and “rules” when it comes to weddings. I love and respect a great deal of those sweet wedding traditions but I also believe rules are meant to be broken and some of those myths need busting to set brides free! Today I’m busting 10 wedding day myths!



1) You Should Be Engaged For At Least A Year

So many of my couples plan a wedding in under a year - not that you should put off securing some great people for your big day, but don’t be scared that you can’t plan a wedding in less than a year. With an open mind and kick butt vendors you absolutely can!



2) There Needs To Be An Even Number Of Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

-Nonsense! The worst that can happen if it’s uneven is your wedding party photo won’t be perfectly symmetrical or you have to be a little creative when you bridal party walks down the aisle….that’s OKAY! Choose those important people you want standing next to you because they are exactly who you want, not because you’re trying to be symmetrical.

3) You Need An Official Wedding Venue

-You want to get married on a mountain? Get married on a mountain! You want to get married on a cliff overlooking the ocean? DO IT!! Does your parent’s backyard hold special meaning to you? Have a backyard wedding! The sky's the limit!

4) Wedding Favors Are A Must For Your Guests

-If you’re stumped on wedding favors and don’t know what to do, consider making a donation to your favorite charity instead. It is meaningful and will last longer than candy, candles or wine. If you’re going to be spending the money, why not put it toward something good!



5) “Wedding Colors” Must Be Established

-There is no rule that your wedding has to have an official color(s). Sure you want to have a theme, direction and a style you’re going for but that doesn’t mean you need to establish, let’s say, pink, as your color and incorporate it everywhere.

6) Wedding Planners Are Only For The Wealthy

-Believe it or not, wedding planners can actually SAVE you money! They have connections with vendors and they live and breath the wedding industry meaning they have savvy money saving tricks you might not be aware of! Don’t immediately rule out a wedding planner because of budget, it’s definitely worth looking into!



7) A Sit-Down Dinner Is Required

-I’ve been to a wedding where they served an array of hor d’oeuvres all night long while guests mingled and danced. I’ve been to a wedding where they served breakfast food instead of dinner. I’ve been to a wedding where they had food trucks my friends!! I’m not saying don’t feed your guests, guests like food, but a formal sit down dinner isn’t the only option. Be creative!



8) Perfection Is The Goal

This is your wedding day and it will be one of the best days of your life, regardless of little mishaps here and there. Walk into your wedding day with the mindset that whatever happens, happens. You are here to get MARRIED and as long as you two say I do, I’d say that’s a pretty perfect day. Over the years I’ve had brides get mud on their dress, dresses tear and unity candles that refuse to light and you know what? My couples just laughed, smiled and moved right along because they knew that those little details didn’t matter because they were getting hitched!



9) You Have To Wait To See Each Other Until The Bride Walks Down The Aisle

-I think by now we all know this is simply not the case anymore! The majority of my couples are choosing to do a first look instead. They share a private moment to see each other before the ceremony allowing more flexibility to their day. I could go on and on about this, but that’s for another day. If you’re one for tradition and want to wait, that’s cool, too!

10) You Have To Go Into Debt For Your Wedding

You absolutely DO NOT have to go into debt for your wedding. You have the rest of your lives to think about and setting yourself up for financial success starts with having a wedding budget. Stay within your means. A great tip is to splurge on a few vendors that mean the most to you and cut back in other places.



The takeaway here is that this is YOUR day and you can stick to or break the rules all you want, baby! Be creative, think outside the box or stick to tradition! It’s up to you!

Did I miss anything? Are there any other myths that need busting? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Michelle & Josh <3

Kicked off 2017 with Michelle and Josh Kass <3 The perfect spring day full of elegance and wind! Michelle was nothing but smiles as her beautiful veil did anything BUT cooperate when she saw Josh for the first time. Their giggles were completely contagious as it whipped around them just outside the skyway in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Those of us that were there to witness one of the sweetest first looks I have ever had the pleasure to capture, could not help smiling and laughing right along with them.